Entry Level Staff Recruitment

Recruitment of entry level staff is a challenging task. Numerous CVs have little difference, and worthy applicants are very quickly hired by other employers.

Entry Level Staff Recruitment

Our approach to the selection of experts:

  • We filter the candidates for you. Out of the average of 300-400 candidates, only 5 applicants fully matching your requirements and available for work will be selected for the final interview with you..
  • We guarantee that the first candidates will be introduced to you within 1 to 3 days.

Even for entry level vacancies Antal Russia uses:

  • only individual job interviews
  • case system
  • elements of a competence-based interview
  • and other methods of higher level staff recruitment

Case study:

A new boutique needed to hire a team of sales assistants. The store was to open in a week. Despite the urgency, requirements for the applicants were strict: experience and active sales skills in the premium segment.

We interviewed 26 applicants in 3 days. Situational tests allowed to quickly filter out unsuitable candidates. 9 best candidates were introduced to the client, and 6 of them were hired.

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