Salary budget savings

Hiring a back office employee can be too expensive for small companies.

We can:

  • divide the employee’s salary among several clients, thus, cutting the expenses of each.
  • Moreover, a number of functions can be combined within the scope of a single contract (IT, HR, administration, etc.).

You can save on workplace costs as well.

how you can save budget

Case study:

A company of 10 employees needed specialists in accounting, IT, and HR. They could not manage on their own, e.g. by delegating some work to the secretary. The company needed professionals to ensure bonus/payroll calculation and technical support.

By outsourcing a number of tasks under a single contract, even a small company like that was able to recruit skilled professionals, and, just as important, save on part-time staff.

Development in spite of budgetary and administrative constraints

You need employees but cannot hire them due to limitations on staff number/fixed costs.

In case of outsourcing, the cost of services is attributed to variable expenses without changes in a payroll schedule. Besides, the outsourcing expenses are accounted after EBITDA calculation, thus, improving financial performance.

Legal restrictions regarding outstaffing have been in effect since 2016.
If services are rendered in breach of the rules, the Federal Service for Employment and Labour Relations (Rostrud) will impose sanctions against the customer.

Antal Russia is an international company with strict internal control procedures.

  • We will always choose a more reliable option over the cheaper one.
  • Your documentation will be executed in compliance with all Rostrud requirements.
  • Antal Russia Staffing Solutions was one of the first Russian companies to be accredited by the Federal Service for Employment and Labour Relations as a private employment agency entitled to render outstaffing services.

Case study:

An oil and gas equipment manufacturer won a multimillion contract for delivery and installation of equipment and had to provide a staff training specialist to the customer.

Unfortunately, all specialists of the company were engaged in other projects. It was not possible to hire a new employee, as the head office set a staff number limit. There was a real risk of a busted deal

We suggested that our client should engage a specialist under an outsourcing contract for the project period. We found a suitable candidate and facilitated his accreditation in Russia. The company staff number remained unchanged.

Antal Russia Staffing Solutions is part of one of Russia's largest recruitment agencies — Antal Russia. We will find you the right people in no time. We specialize in small- and medium-scale outsourcing projects. This means that regardless of the order amount, a personal project manager will work with you to meet your demands, no matter how unconventional they might be.

how much you save on temporary staff recruitment!

Business continuity

Business processes rely too heavily on the human factor: sick leaves, holidays, dismissals, qualification gaps…

We will ensure your continuous operation using our own workforce. You don’t have to worry whether an employee is skilled enough to perform the task. Antal Russia Staffing Solutions guarantees the result.

You have an urgent manpower requirement for a temporary project. However, the most competent applicants tend to prefer permanent employment and refuse such jobs.

Antal Russia Staffing Solutions engages only the staff you need at this particular time. The work will start in 1 to 2 days after your request. Moreover, should you choose to terminate the contract, it will cost you nothing, unlike dismissal, which results in extra expenses and reputation risks.

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