49% of Managers Are Ready to Move to Another Region to Get an Interesting Position

At the same time, 62% want to relocate internationally to get an attractive job

 A survey held by recruitment company Antal Kazakhstan amongst 605 middle and top-level managers and specialists working in Kazakhstan showed that relocation inside the country is less attractive than moving abroad.

“Kazakh candidates are quite mobile and open to new job opportunities, which include relocation. Professionals from the regions willingly consider positions in Astana and Almaty, while candidates from the capital are more open to international relocation. The main motivations are career growth and salary increase, which can be over 30% without taking into account relocation costs. Interestingly, some candidates are ready to move to another country even if the position is lower than the one they hold now. New international experience and expertise is what motivates them to do this”, says Anna Kovinskaya, Manager at Antal Kazakhstan.

The most attractive destinations for relocation inside Kazakhstan are Astana and Almaty. Candidates are also interested in Aktau, Aktobe, Pavlodar, Ust-Kamenogorsk and Karaganda. Regarding international relocation, the respondents mentioned Europe, USA, Ukraine, Russia and Canada as the most interesting places to move.

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