Personal Profile Analysis – PPA

Online test to advance your career. Takes 7 minutes to complete. High precision (88.5%). Results are available next day. Download sample report (.pdf)
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Emotional Intelligence Test – EQ

Discover more about this competence of tomorrow. The testing is done online and takes 20 to 30 minutes. Results are available next day. Download sample report (.pdf)
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Career Consulting

Promptly optimize your job search, improve your CV, and receive a career development strategy.
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Career Guide

Useful tips on job search, writing a CV, negotiations with employers, and cooperation with recruitment agencies.

Job Market Overviews and Salary Surveys

Gain real data on salaries and compensation packages in your industry. Any number of positions. All regions. Expeditiously. Sample report by request.
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Middle and senior management, entry-level staff and administrative personnel recruitment. Candidate assessment and support in negotiations.
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Outsourcing and Outstaffing

Ensure uninterrupted work and business development against the background of financial and administrative constraints.
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Personnel Testing

Online tests for employees and candidates to help you make correct management and HR decisions Download sample report. (.pdf)
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Find Employees with Required Specialisation

Antal consultants have narrow specialisations and close vacancies in 18 industries and 15 professional disciplines.


Банки и финансовые услуги

15 вакансий

Человеческие ресурсы (HR)

6 вакансий

Потребительские товары

17 вакансий

Промышленное оборудование и техника

24 вакансии

Розничная торговля

30 вакансий

Сельское хозяйство

3 вакансии

Административный персонал

30 вакансий

Высшее руководство

10 вакансий


80 вакансий

Маркетинг, PR

15 вакансий


66 вакансий

Финансы и бухгалтерия

27 вакансии

ИТ, разработка ПО

19 вакансий

Электронная коммерция

4 вакансии

Гостиничный бизнес, Туризм, Рестораны

2 вакансии


К сожалению, по выбранным параметрам у нас нет вакансий, измените параметры поиска.