Директор по сервису

General Manager Service


Строительство и недвижимость

Московская область, Россия


Полная занятость



· Supports Engine & System Sales on after sales issues during new engine business.
· Continuous optimization of After Sales related products.
· Provides front-end, First Level customer service directly and via Service Partner Organization.
· Provides manpower, expertise and infrastructure in field service to OEM’s, end-users and Service Partner organization.
· Develop, establish and maintain a 24/7.
· After Sales support available to all customers within the Company AoR (if required support other Company subsidiaries or distributors outside of AoR).
· Carry out required commissioning of all products supplied to OEM’s by distribution sales or direct sales, covering component, serial system and project system business with own capacities or through Service Partner network.
· Liaison with second level organization in the clearing of warranty and goodwill issues.
· Coordinate customer demands with multi-national affect with the second level after sales organization and the distribution network outside of the AoR.
· Contribute to development of global and regional after sales strategy and after sales product portfolio.
· Develop a detailed concept and required budget/capacities (supported by overall business case) for the establishment of local full range overhaul facility of Company. 
· Drive the implementation and further development of the overhaul facility.
· Provide the local TQZ reports (second level) and ensure further development to complex local investigation center (with contracted third parties).
· Establish and implement the local HSQE regulations and processes across all Company location (HQ and filial).
· Provision and supervision of required equipment, machines, tools as well as cars for the overall service and business activities of Company.


· Decisional power of Price level, discount and commercials for after sales products within boundaries given by headquarter.
· Liaison with customers and relevant departments in the headquarter as considered necessary and reasonable to acquire after sales business, expedite contracts, meet the sales targets, ensure product quality and handle warranty and non-warranty product issues.
· Decisional power of technical measures to resolve product issues in the field and to respond to customer requests for repair and maintenance tasks within the standards given by the relevant product. documentation.
· Subcontract services and purchase material in accordance to defined processes in order to expedite after sales orders.
· Definition and adjustment of the overhaul strategy (according the affected engines and systems, as well the overhaul degree) together with General Director.
· Host and manage Service Partner network on behalf of Distribution Management organization.
· Close required operational contracts (according the Russian legal, accounting and operational requlations)
· Propose to continue, terminate or assign new Service Partners.
· In-time delivery of failed / to be inspected parts from the field to the quality department in the headquarter.
· Provision of facilities, services, technicians  according to time schedule and budget plan and market needs.
· Qualification of after sales staff to comply with requirements to cover all after sales functions and meet customer demands.
· Minimize receivables of after sales customers.
· Watch economic condition of after sales customers, report risk of financial losses to headquarter and take measures to cover such risks.
· Budget responsibility for after sales accounts in Region organization.
· Continuous improvement of efficiency of after sales processes and organization within area of responsibility.
· Monitor and aim to increase customer satisfaction through Service Partner network.
· Responsibility of the Quality Assurance of the organization with all its facilities and locations.


· Proven leadership skills.
· High level of multi-cultural experience and interaction.
· 22 people of subordinates.
· MS, SAP - High level user. 
· Willingness to travel up to 50% of the time.
· To be located in Moscow. 
· Russian and English is a must.


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