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Сельское хозяйство

Центральный федеральный округ, Россия


Полная занятость

One of big investors started big project in greenhouse, searching for person , who has relevant experience with Construction and commissioning of industrial greenhouse complex for growing tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers and salad. - Location: Cental Russia; - The total area of 100 hectares; - Greenhouse complex: 50 hectares; - Approximate number: 900;


  • to communicate the project and research for the better results to other professionals;
  • to recommend the farmers, the best practices for soil conservation and plant growth and also to aware them;
  • to investigate how a soil type responds to a management technique;
  • to implement based on the results upon the projects;
  • to develop the newer methods of soil conservation to preserve soil;
  • to experiment for high yielding seeds, its disease resistance, adaptation to soils and nutritional value;
  • to investigate and study about the soil problem sources poor soil;
  • to experiment on water and determine the effects;
  • to study soil characteristics and classifying it on the basis of geographic location, properties landscape position as it will require finding new ways;
  • to develop improved techniques for measurement, soil sampling devices, and similar technology and any other works related to soil experimentation;
  • to conduct also the experiments to investigate how soil develops, changes;
  • to find out the impacts the land-based ecosystems and surrounding living habitat;
  • to identify contaminated or degraded soils;
  • to develop plans that improve their biological, chemical, and physical properties;


  • Formal training in Agronomy, crop biology, plant ecology, plant breeding and crop plant growth and development.;
  • Demonstrated ability to manage trials containing crops;
  • Demonstrated mastery of field crops entomology;
  • Knowledge of plant diseases, abiotic stressors, crop growth, development, and basic genetics;
  • Demonstrated commitment to following specified processes;
  • Demonstrated attention to detail;
  • Ability to manage projects;
  • Ability to influence and develop colleagues;
  • Experience with good data recording practices;
  • Russian language is an advantage;
  • The candidate should at least have a degree related to genetics, plant physiology, biochemistry, soil fertility, entomology and other relevant disciplines is desired;
  • A PhD is beneficial for the candidate;
  • Diploma or BA/S or equivalent in agriculture;
  • Experience:similar field experience at least 7
  • 10 years.


  • Please be sure that you have relevant expertise if you apply for the job, in case if not, we will take your candidature for other vacancies in future.


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